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Coca-Cola 5by20 APP case study

5by20 app

5by20 appThe Coca-Cola Company recognizes women’s economic potential as well as the challenges that they face. That’s why in 2010, Coca-Cola launched 5by20, their global  initiative to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Smartphone usage continues to be on the rise, with a median of 21 percent in 2013 to 37 percent in 2015, in emerging and developing countries. With a common interest in helping to empower women and provide a scalable solution for e-Learning, the Coca-Cola Company partnered with CI&T to develop, and cofund, the 5by20 Training App providing business skills to women entrepreneurs.

The app provides a curriculum with access to educational courses, financial services, entrepreneurial training and mentorship connections. The app was first launched in Malaysia during Ramadan in 2017, where it was introduced as a program with Food Bazaar women operators. 

A total of 1.75 million women in 64 countries globally were supported through 5by20 by the end of 2016. The 2017 program engaged thousands of additional women business operators through the app in Malaysia, and also recruited 100 Bazaar Ambassadors. Partnerships with local celebrities, social media, and publication support also helped with promoting the initiative and the app. 

The success of this effort is largely due to the fact that 5by20 allows Coca-Cola to be where the women are, spanning urban and rural areas across the globe, to ensure that they are able to access the benefits of the program, The use of smartphones to promote e-Learning helped achieve this. 

Businesses have reported positive feedback and stories. During the pilot program, participants shared their feedback. Many reported that the app had useful content for operators which was helpful in planning better for their business. Besides being an e-learning tool, the 5by20 app helped achieve Coca-Cola’s goal of supporting and empowering more women.

Through the 5by20 initiative, The Coca-Cola Company is able to help women across the world build and grow successful businesses and become entrepreneurs. Many of these women have been able to invest a portion of their income back into their communities for programs that focus on health, education, and local economies.

The Coca-Cola 5by20 App will be honored at the Media Excellence Awards (MEA) for the Heart and Hope Award. Read more about the award here

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