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CI&T is a digital specialist, partner in end-to-end digital transformation. As digital natives, we bring a 26-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of more than 5.000 professionals in strategy, research, data science, design and engineering, we unlock top-line growth, improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

Scrum Master作为团队的核心,确保 Scrum 流程得到遵守。在开发流程中负责对团队的管理和对PO的支持,负责创建一个协作环境。他们需要构建项目计划并驱动团队全力将其执行,精准理解需求,保证严格的交付标准。他们也需要确保团队的表现(质量、生产率、可预测性),管理风险并移除开发流程中的障碍。在每个周期中,他们确保交付质量,检查评估和生产指标,为持续性改进提供相应措施。项目经理既是服务者,也是领导,负责帮助团队集中精力于目标,并保持高效率。

这是一个充满挑战、要求严格且高回报率的职位,是本公司经营的核心所在。我们的项目经理非常了解 Agile 的真正意义,以及基于 Scrum 的增量式交付在实际工作中如何运作。他们还需掌握广泛的开发知识,从整个开发任务和开发生命周期到各种应用程序和平台。


CI&T is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and appreciate the diversity of our CI&Ters’ identities and lived experiences. We are committed to building, promoting, and retaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable company and culture focused on creating a better tomorrow. 

At CI&T, we recognize that innovation and transformation only happen in diverse, inclusive, and safe work environments. Our teams are most impactful when people from all backgrounds and experiences collaborate to share, create, and hear ideas. We strongly encourage Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), immigrants, candidates with a disability, women, and LGBTQIA+ candidates to apply to our vacancies.